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Comparing the AHT Prediction Performances of the PediBIRN-4 and PediBIRN-3

The two plots present the intersections of “estimated probabilities of abuse” and “overall positive yield” of patients' completed abuse evaluations across patient subpopulations distinguished by different combinations of each screening tool’s predictor variables. The estimated probabilities of abuse were calculated applying the PediBIRN network’s longstanding AHT definitional criteria. The two correlations did not differ significantly (P =0.13). In the plot on the left, the cluster of three data points marked by the arrow presents data regarding the PediBIRN-4’s “lower risk” patients, and two of its “higher risk” patient subpopulations with comparable low estimates of abuse probability and overall positive yield. The PediBIRN-3 was derived to address the PediBIRN-4’s apparent misrepresentation of these two subpopulations as “higher risk.”


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