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Comparing the AHT Screening Performances of the PediBIRN-3 and PediBIRN-4

These contingency tables were created using the data in the combined PediBIRN data sets. In the absence of a gold standard, AHT was defined in two ways: applying the PediBIRN network’s longstanding AHT definitional criteria and physicians’ final diagnoses. Applied accurately and consistently, the PediBIRN-3 would have performed with greater AHT screening accuracy than the PediBIRN-4 in our PediBIRN population of young, acutely head-injured patients hospitalized for intensive care. The PediBIRN-3’s higher specificity, PPV, (+) LR, and ROC AUC exacted a 3% reduction in sensitivity.

AHT Definitional Criteria
Physicians Fianl Diagnoses

* Significance: The differences in PediBIRN-4 vs PediBIRN-3 values for Sensitivity, Specificity, PPV, (+)LR, and ROC AUC were all statistically significant (p<0.05)

Abbreviations: AHT=abusive head trauma, ROC AUC=area under the receiver operating characteristics curve, CI=confidence interval, LR=likelihood ratio, PediBIRN=pediatric brain injury research network; PICU=pediatric intensive care unit, NPV=negative predictive value, PPV=positive predictive value

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