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A preliminary cost analysis suggests that accurate and consistent application of the PediBIRN-4 AHT screening tool could reduce the cost per correctly identified child with AHT by 15.1%, and reduce health system costs resulting from missed AHT by 72.4%.1 A formal cost-benefit analysis is planned.

Cohrs A, Agbese E, Leslie DL, Hymel KP. A cost analysis of a validated screening tool for pediatric abusive head trauma. J Child Fam Studies 2018;27:750-755.
DOI 10.1007/s10826-017-0925-z
The PediBIRN 3- and 4-variable AHT clinical decision and prediction rules provide evidence-based, patient-specific recommendations regarding abuse evaluations, and estimates of AHT probability, that must be interpreted in the context of other relevant findings and data (e.g., the presenting history, past and family medical history, familial psychosocial risk factors, the results of tests that confirm or exclude medical mimics, and input from outside investigators). In isolation, they should not be considered a sufficient foundation upon which to base expert medical opinion or courtroom testimony.


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